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Welcome To Changing Minds With Youth

Bringing youth together at Hope + Me to connect, share, support, access tools, resources and to learn from each other.

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Youth Living Well

Edu-Sessions offers educational information on various topics while providing opportunities for interactions to support one another through activities and thought-provoking conversations. 

October – Self-Compassion

November – Mindfulness 

December – Goal Setting 


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Wednesday, October 11th from 7-9 PM 

Edu-chat Events

Drop-in Peer Support groups is for anyone identifying as a youth or young adult (ages 16-29) living with mental health challenges and looking for support from a group of empathetic peers. Each session is a safe and inclusive space to share their experiences, hear from others, and make connections. YLW: Drop-in Peer Support Group was formally known as the Youth and Young Adult Peer Support Group.  

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Drop-in Peer Support Group 

Register for October 

Every Wednesday, except the first of the month, from 7-9pm. 

Want To Develop Public Speaking Skills And Empower Others In The Community?

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Media Release

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$150,000 Ontario Trillium Fund Grant Gives Community Helps Youth at Hope + Me

Toronto, ON

Through the OTF Gives Community Helps Youth Grant, we developed virtual recovery programs for youth experiencing mental health issues during the pandemic and extended our youth programming to Friday and Saturday. We created a community for the youth we serve who are feeling stressed and described having no one to care about their situation and seeking support for mental health issues, mood disorders, and addictions.

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Hope + Me

Hope + Me is a not-for-profit community organization offering free support and recovery programs to people across Ontario who are living with mood disorders.

Hope+ Me offers:

Evidence-based, effective Peer Support programs that foster resilience, promote self-care, instill empowerment, and build hope.

Quality- and standards-based Peer Support training, including support for individuals, groups, and families.